Ariel Burke


Photo credit: Charles Peterson/Jessica Jobaris and General Magic

Photo Credit: Charles Peterson/Jessica Jobaris and General Magic



Ariel Burke, is a Seattle based performer/actor/singer/songwriter and has worked with some of the most innovative minds for both Theater, Dance and Music. She has done everything from film, street performance, 300 seat theaters, singing in trees and how the list continues to grow. Originally from North Carolina, she graduated with a BFA in acting from UNC-Greensboro's conservatory program. Like most actors she found herself in New York City, but landed in Seattle after a songwriting residency brought her out here. She fell in love with the performance/artist community and continues to thrive and learn within it. Please enjoy the website and contact her if you're interested in an audition or some coffee talk. 


Burke’s performance is particularly entrancing. Her eyes, framed by her mane of red hair, contain at once a dreamy detachment and a piercing intimacy. Her rich singing voice wails, “We’re all carrying the same pain,” and we’re drawn in like moths to a flame.

CityArts Magazine Kaitilan MCCarthy's Review for

A Great Hunger


Photo Credit: Greg Evans

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Photo credit: Miguel VirGo Aguilar/Jessica Jobaris

Image from: Boy Who Lived Before

Image from: Things In Between 

Rachaels Children

Image from: Hairstory

Image from: A Great Hunger


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