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Still LIfe                                   Singer/Voice              YellowFish(August 2018)

Untitled                                    Person #1 of 2             Base Experimental+Art

Untitled                                    Person #1 of 2             on the boards

A Great Hunger                         Caretaker                   On the Boards

Body Sound Suffering              Ensemble                     Penthouse Theater

This is Halloween                     Voice actor/Sally     Triple Door

A Great Hunger                         Ensemble                     On the Boards

Henry IV                                     Ensemble/Gadshill    Engaged Theatre

The Thing Worth Fighting For  Ensemble                    Cornish Playhouse

Our Bar                                      Various                       Project Theatre

Choose Your Own Adventure   Laura/Jenny               Playwrights Horizons

Holy Ghost                                Lorena                         Brown Stage



Investigating the current "emergency" state of our looming global crisis, two women encounter their own emergency preparedness, or lack thereof, through darkly psychological humor. Their ill-fated responses to several existential threats finds these two women stranded in the outer edges of the Universe. Through sing-song siren sounds and incessant counting, they cycle “Hello” with “Help,” interchangeably. This is a movement theater duet, with dynamically syncopated rhythmic dancing, text, space helmets, shiny hands, terrible singing, all while arranging and rearranging tiny disasters. Separated by a thin veil, they can sense one another, but they cannot connect. Or can they?

A Great HungeR

Audacious choreographer and sorceress Jessica Jobaris leads a congregation of willing pranksters on a mission to define the riddle of existence. Exhibitionism, ritual, wild dancing, and a willingness to jump from a hypothetical cliff lead them (and us) on a quest into the human condition. How can we unravel the human tragedy, making sense of life and loss? Teetering on the verge of hilarious and profound, the intergenerational cast attempts to heal itself by any and all means necessary. It’s a new church for the new millennium, and everyone is invited.

Photo Credit: Tim Summers

body sound suffering

Teater Payung Hitam was founded by Artistic Director Rachman Sabur in 1982 in Bandung, Indonesia. Now in its 33rd year, the group has established itself as one of the country’s foremost modern theatre companies. Their creative work is stimulated by the problems of people and society. They desire to stand at the forefront of idealism, voicing what they believe to be for the good of human progress. However, for Payung Hitam the body is a living text which speaks more than simply the verbality of words. After the fall of the New Order regime, they began to focus more explicitly on nature and the destruction of the world’s ecosystem. The group’s fascination with metal and stone, which alludes to their desire to rebel with a massive force, dates back to the first iteration of Merah Bolong in 1997. (Adapted from www.kelola.or.id).

On December 11, 2015, Teater Payung Hitam was joined by Seattle residency artists to perform two pieces at the Hughes Penthouse Theatre on the University of Washington campus:

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