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  • Studio Current: resident artist 2015-2017

  • Stage Combat: Seattle Film Institute, Geof Alm 2015

  • Voiceover Technique: Seattle Film Institute, Susanna Burney 2015

  • Movement and Voice: Seattle Film Institute, Rhonda J. Soikowski 2014-2015

  • Improv: Seattle Film Institute, Matt Smith 2014-2015

  • Auditions: Seattle Film Institute, Heidi Walker 2015

  • Acting for the Camera: Seattle Film Institute, Bryar Golden and Tony Doupe 2014-2015

  • Shakespeare Intensive: Freehold Theatre, Amy Thone 2013

  • Solo Performance and Presentation: Freehold Theatre, Marya Sea-Kaminski 2013

  • TOPLAB, Theatre of the Oppressed: Brecht Forum, Marie Claire Pitcher 2009-2011

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting: UNC-Greensboro 2003-2007

Special Skills
  • Dialects: Standard American, Southern, Standard RP, French

  • Sports: Volleyball, Softball, Swimming, Surfing, Cartwheel, Ballroom, Intermediate Yoga

  • Others: Licensed driver(standard), Amature Guitar, Alto/Soprano Singer

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